With the seasons changing and all us equestrians looking forward to the summer, think now what your summer goals will be? 

Jump next height course clear?

Nail that half pass?

Learn a new skill ... polo cross, skijoring? 

Spending time hacking with friends?

or like many of us, simply getting your hose sound to actually do something would be nice! 

Hold your heads high equestrian friends we have all dealt with that one accident prone horse which somehow manages to obtain an injury of sorts before your great planned event. 

You have your vets, farrier and physio on speed dial, yet that is still never enough to stop those heartstopping moments your horse forgets it has 4 legs and only 2 of them are functioning. 

Are you contemplating wrapping your horse in bubble wrap yet, or are you going with the make no plans and no disappointment will come to you ...